'If my consciousness were downloaded to a computer and I had that amount of power and that amount of control over world events…'

This is why I love this man. He’s saying this is what he would do if he could, yet he doesn’t realize that he does do those things for so many people. He’s made everyone laugh more; brought a little more light to their lives. He’s taught us about acceptance of others no matter how different they or their beliefs are from us and ours. You don’t need transcendence, Johnny. You just need to keep being the strong force of light that you are.





Your blog has officially been signed by Johnny Depp.

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Johnny Depp's painting of his beloved dog Mooh.





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apparently this was johnny and winona meeting for the first time they broke up or something

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"You are, without doubt, the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of."

"But you have heard of me."


Johnny Depp saying Fuck it and Fuck you at the GQ awards - Requested by Anonymous [x]


Johnny’s cameo in “Lucky Them” (2013) :)

"Sara, this is.. Ellie.”


Lizzie Sadin was emotionally inspired to capture the young men kept in African jails. She read many report but found little photographic capturing the truth about these jails that withhold minors in these cells. In February 2010, Sadin traveled to Sierra Leone, Africa to see what she would find out about these prisons. These young men, ranging from 10-17, are accused of murder, stealing, and other criminal acts and must stay in jail until their trial which usually takes years. Food is scarce, hygiene invisible, and the hard working fight for survival. Not only do they have these problems but also have to deal with the violating attacking hands of the adults of these prisons. Diseases and illnesses encircle these prisons and Lizzie Sadin captures the struggles of their daily lives and tries to treat their diseases and illnesses to keep them alive a day longer.

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Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp in Tusk (2014).

Johnny Depp photographed by Karen Hardy Bystedt in 1993.